Barcelona International Dance Exchange – Artistic Collaboration

by Zoë Leigh Gadd

Since 2020 Zoë has been working as Artistic Collaborator with BIDE – Barcelona International Exchange. The collaboration began in the height of lockdown when Zoë approached BIDE to see how their annual exchange could still go ahead. The hybrid version was born – B>Meeting Cluster Edition – an exchange that never slept, connecting dancers across time zones and continents via New York City, Mexico City, London, Jerusalem and BIDE’s hometown – Barcelona.

Barcelona International Dance Exchange is an organisation, that provides programmes for creative exchange and networking between performing arts professionals worldwide, through a unique tool called B>Lab. The B>Cluster Edition allowed artists to share their dance practice despite being locked down during the COVID19 pandemic and allowed for deep exchange, shared research and a sense of global community.

Hybrid exchange at the time of COVID19

Following the B>Meeting Cluster Edition, Zoë has collaborated with Sebastián Garcia Ferro and his team to deliver the annual B>Meeting in Barcelona and the B>Landing programme in Jerusalem. Talks are now underway for scoping potential for the first ever UK B>Landing.

Find out more about BIDE’s programmes by clicking on the link above.

Zoë Leigh GaddBarcelona International Dance Exchange – Artistic Collaboration