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As we approach the summer break, Zoe Leigh Gadd is offering a series of bookable workshops to close the academic year and to prepare for the transition to Higher Education for those pursuing dance/performing arts based courses in September.

Current sessions available to book: 

Contemporary Dance (1.5hrs):

A blend of contemporary techniques that align body and mind. Elongate, strengthen and explore the body through expressive movement sequences to music that feeds the soul.

Aim: Connect Body, Mind and Soul

Move your Mood (1 hr):

A fun, upbeat, freeing dance session to get the endorphins flowing and the heart pumping.

Aim: Move your Mood & Learn some Moves

Trust & Strength Building through Contact (1.5hrs):

Connect through the senses and build trust-based skills through a series of drama and movement exercises designed to build strength, confidence, connection and trust.

Aim: Open your senses and reconnect with others

Preparing to Study at HE* (Performing Arts) (2hrs):

For many, the transition from Level 3 of study (e.g. sixth form or FE college) can be a daunting time. The leap from school, or college based learning to Level 4 (university, degrees) higher education can often increase anxiety and knock learners’ confidence at a huge time of change as they often move away from home to embark on an independent life. This workshop aims to consider learning approaches, demystify some of the language used in higher education, whilst preparing learners with tips for success as they enter Higher Education.

Aim: Get ahead of the game so you can embrace uni-life

*Informed by 16+years of teaching experience in Higher Education in both universities and vocational performing arts training schools in the UK. Zoe also holds a PgCert in Academic Practice and is a fellow member of the Higher Education Academy.

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Zoë Leigh GaddWorkshops Available Now